Congratulations! You've Pre-Qualified For a 60% Discount!

Congratulations! You've Pre-Qualified For a 60% Discount!

Small Size

Big Features

With its smart sensors and precise 3D obstacle avoidance and multi-floor mapping, this little robot vacuum can identify things like stairs, walls, and other obstacles in order to avoid them intelligently. It can also reach tight spaces and every corner of the house due to its slim, compact design (2.68 inches). This robot vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning areas that were missed, keeping your home clean and neat.

Powered by a strong digital motor, this robotic vacuum cleaner boasts exceptionally powerful suction. Unlike other robot vacuums that contain roller brushes, the WuzuTech RoboVac features a unique design in terms of air inlet, ensuring that it will never get clogged by things like pet hair. This makes it the ideal cleaner for families and homes with pets.

The RoboVac automatic vacuum is known for its ease of use, even without the owner's manual! With a super mobile, cordless design, it provides your home with the easiest way to clean up.

If you're tired of struggling with low-quality vacuums that don't work, try out the WuzuTech RoboVac X to experience its strong suction power and uninterrupted cleaning.

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Smart Features

Strength. Automation.

Keep reading to find out what makes the WuzuTech RoboVac X so special.


Effortlessly Portable
Zero Effort

This expertly maneuverable vacuum cleaner comes with powerful suction that removes debris, hair, and dander from floors and carpets in any room.


Quick, Powerful
Smart Cleaning

This great little machine by WuzuTech is equipped with powerful suction and an infrared sensor, capable of instantly recognizing when the RoboVac is about to collide with an obstacle (such as a wall or furniture). It also comes with fall induction technology and the ability to perceive stairs or steps, ensuring that it won't fall from edges. In this way, it offers efficient and thorough cleaning by planning the best route through your home.


High Coverage Cleaning
Lightweight, Cord-Free

This little robot cleaner can follow various paths while cleaning, from random routes to Z-type routing for extra thorough cleaning. Try to avoid colliding with it while cleaning, as this may make it revert to a random route.


Powerful Cleaning
For Any Room

Designed to move easily on all surfaces, from smooth floors to carpets, the RoboVac X makes use of twin turbine technology to avoid obstacles and traverse thresholds up to 1.5 cm without getting stuck.

    More Features

    Automatic &

    Durable &

    Sleek Design

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    What it Includes

    Technical Specs

    To clean faster and more effectively, the WuzuTech RoboVac X includes powerful fan blades and turbines, with suction up to 1800 PA.

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    Automated Robot Cleaner

    For Use Anywhere, Anytime

    The WuzuTech RoboVac X is an ergonomic, lightweight, ultra-portable vacuum that helps you keep your environment clean and tidy every day.

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    Our User Reviews

    What Customers Have Said


    Charlotte M.

    Verified Buyer

    About the
    WuzuTech RoboVac X

    Love this Little Vacuum!

    I was skeptical at first because it’s so small, but this little robot vacuum has power! It can suck up virtually anything, including dog food. It is also really easy to clean the canister and the filters. 100% worth the purchase!


    Judy S.

    Verified Buyer

    About the
    WuzuTech RoboVac X

    Compact and Amazing

    Despite its small size, this RoboVac provides me with better suction than any other mini vacuums I’ve tried before – and I’ve tried a lot of different products. I love this little cleaner and I plan on getting another one for downstairs!


    Danny J.

    Verified Buyer

    About the
    WuzuTech RoboVac X

    Great Price, Thorough Cleaning

    I adore my little robot vacuum because it reaches every corner of my house, even under the beds! Never buying from another brand again.

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    3000+ Reviewers | Inventory:LOW


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    What’s Included with Each Purchase?

    1 AC Power Adapter
    1 Sweeper
    1 Washable Mopping Cloth
    2-piece Brush
    Manual & Other Documents

    How Does the Wuzutech RoboVac X Charge?
    Does it Work in Small Spaces?
    Does this Robot Vacuum Have a Water Tank?
    Does the WuzuTech RoboVac Work with Voice Commands or Wi-Fi?
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